Brew Lab Cold Brew Coffee

We were approached by Edinburgh-based coffee shop Brew Lab to help them launch their drink Brew Lab Cold Brew online. We were in charge of the creative direction, content creation and strategy for their online presence with the main objective of increasing brand awareness and sales in Edinburgh.

The website design, copy and visual imagery were conceived to educate potential customers and stockists about cold brew coffee, showcasing Brew Lab Cold Brew’s unique characteristics and the different ways in which it can be enjoyed.


We also launched Brew Lab Cold Brew’s social profiles, focusing on Instagram as the main platform to attract customers. We devised a social strategy and created photography and video content which resulted in over 500 organic Instagram followers in just 3 months after launching the profile, and constant engagement in the form of comments and messages from followers based in and outside Edinburgh interested in purchasing Brew Lab Cold Brew.

BL-Cold-Brew-Instagram BL-Cold-Brew-Instagram-grid-2