CodeClan Content

Launched in September 2015, CodeClan is Scotland’s first academy dedicated to software skills. We have worked closely with CodeClan’s content and SEO teams, creating content for its blog and reaching influencers in order to create brand awareness.

We developed engaging content ideas, working with CodeClan’s partners to increase the reach of the content, such as the ‘A Day in the Life…’ series where we documented what it’s like to work in tech from an insider’s perspective.


We also created more visual content such as the facts below, part of an infographic providing information about the tech industry in Scotland.


Apart from creating content, we also implemented an influencer outreach strategy with the main goal of supporting the work done by the SEO team. We got in touch with key figures in the tech industry in Scotland and the UK, and worked with them to create content for CodeClan’s blog and increase its reach.