Ocelot Chocolate Photography

Ocelot Chocolate is an organic and fair trade chocolate brand founded by former chefs Ish and Matt Broadbent. We visited Ocelot Chocolate’s workshop in Edinburgh to document their chocolate making process, reflecting the couple’s passion for their craft through our images.

The photographs were used in a feature on our online publication Future Positive, which received over 500 page views and 16 tweets in just the first two days after being published:


Future-Positive-Ocelot-28 Future-Positive-Ocelot-19 Future-Positive-Ocelot-30 Future-Positive-Ocelot-12 Future-Positive-Ocelot-6 Future-Positive-Ocelot-7 Future-Positive-Ocelot-29 Future-Positive-Ocelot-25 Future-Positive-Ocelot-9 Future-Positive-Ocelot-33 Future-Positive-Ocelot-11